Other Biometric Related Meetings

Make the most out of your time in Europe

IBS would like to invite you to make the most out of your educational experience by offering you a list of other upcoming meetings to maximize your time while in Europe.

The following list of non-IBS biometric related meetings occur in proximity to the July IBC and you are welcome to consider any of interest. The list is to be only useful information in planning your visit to Europe and is not an official IBS endorsement or connection of IBS sponsored activities. The list below contains conferences that will be celebrated one week before or after the IBC2018.

MCqMC 2018 in Rennes, 1-6 July 2018: http://mcqmc2018.inria.fr/

Young Bayesian Meeting (BaYSM) in Warwick, 2-3 July 2018: http://www.baysm.org/

International Statistical Ecology Conference, 2-6 July 2018 at University of St Andrews: http://www.isec2018.org/home

Week-CoDaCourse’18, 2-6 July 2018 at University of Girona:

Conference on “Multivariate Count Analysis”, Besançon 4-6 July: https://trimestres-lmb.univ-fcomte.fr/Workshop-Multivariate-Count?lang=fr

IWSM 2018 Bristol 15-20 July: https://people.maths.bris.ac.uk/~sw15190/IWSM2018/